18 Spiritual Signs Your Ex Can Feel Your Energy

Spiritual Signs Your Ex Can Feel Your Energy

Breaking up with a significant other can leave a lasting impact on both parties involved. Even after the relationship has ended, there may still be a connection at the energetic level. Many people believe that their ex-partners can still feel their energy, whether it’s positive or negative.

In this article, we’ll explore 18 spiritual signs that suggest your ex can feel your energy, shedding light on the subtle ways in which energetic connections can persist even after a breakup.

Sudden Thoughts or Memories

One of the first signs that your ex can feel your energy is when they experience sudden thoughts or memories of you out of the blue.

They may find themselves thinking about you unexpectedly, even if it’s been a while since the breakup.

Dreams and Visions

Your ex may have dreams or visions of you, especially if there is unresolved emotional energy between you. These dreams can be vivid and may stir up feelings of longing or nostalgia.

Emotional Resonance

If your ex is sensitive to energy, they may pick up on your emotions even from a distance. They may experience sudden mood swings or emotional waves that coincide with your own feelings.

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Intuitive Insights

Your ex may receive intuitive insights or gut feelings about you and your well-being. They may sense when something is off or when you’re going through a challenging time, even without direct communication.

Physical Sensations

Some people report feeling physical sensations when they are energetically connected to their ex-partners. These sensations can include tingling, warmth, or a sense of pressure in certain parts of the body.

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Telepathic Communication

In some cases, ex-partners may experience telepathic communication, where thoughts and messages are exchanged without verbal or physical interaction. This can manifest as a strong sense of knowing or a feeling of being mentally connected.


Your ex may notice synchronicities or meaningful coincidences that seem to link them to you in some way. These synchronicities can serve as reminders of the energetic connection between you, even if you’re physically apart.

Energetic Pull

There may be times when your ex feels a strong energetic pull towards you, as if they are being drawn back into your orbit.

This pull can be subtle yet undeniable, prompting them to seek out information about you or reach out in some way.

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Sensitivity to Places

Your ex may feel a heightened sensitivity to places or locations that hold significance in your relationship. They may experience nostalgia or emotional resonance when visiting these places, even if they haven’t been there in a while.

Signs in Nature

Nature often provides signs and symbols that reflect the energetic connection between people. Your ex may notice signs in nature that remind them of you or evoke memories of your time together.

Unexplained Emotion

Your ex may experience unexplained emotions or feelings that seem to come out of nowhere. These emotions can range from sadness and longing to joy and contentment, reflecting the ebb and flow of energetic currents between you.

Energetic Shifts

There may be noticeable shifts in energy when you and your ex are in close proximity or have interactions, even if they are brief. These shifts can be subtle yet palpable, indicating the presence of an energetic connection.

Shared Dreams or Visions

In rare cases, ex-partners may share dreams or visions that involve each other. These shared experiences can be a sign of the deep soul connection that exists between you, transcending physical boundaries.

Animal Behavior

Pay attention to the behavior of animals around you, as they can be sensitive to energetic shifts and connections.

Your ex may notice unusual behavior in animals when they are thinking about you or feeling your energy.


Recurring Patterns

Your ex may notice recurring patterns or themes in their life that seem to revolve around you or your relationship. These patterns can serve as reminders of the energetic ties that bind you together.

Energetic Cord Cutting

If your ex is spiritually inclined, they may attempt to cut energetic cords between you in an effort to release the connection. However, they may still feel residual energy or a sense of longing even after cord cutting rituals.

Signs from Loved Ones

Loved ones in the spirit realm may send signs and messages to your ex that reflect the energetic connection between you. These signs can provide comfort and validation of the bond that exists beyond the physical realm.

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Inner Knowingness

Ultimately, your ex may have a deep inner knowingness that they are still connected to you at the energetic level.

Despite any efforts to move on or distance themselves, they may sense that the bond between you is timeless and enduring.


While the physical relationship may have ended, the energetic connection between you and your ex can persist long after the breakup.

By paying attention to these spiritual signs, you can gain insight into the depth of the energetic bond that exists between you and navigate your healing journey with greater awareness and understanding.

Remember to honor your own energetic boundaries and take steps to nurture your own well-being as you navigate the complexities of post-breakup dynamics.